Karl Neukauf - s/t (CD) (5871672721561)

Karl Neukauf - s / t (CD)


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Contrary to the first assumption, the Berlin chansonnier Karl Neukauf has nothing to do with the grocery chain of the same name. Nevertheless, he takes you on a journey through a colorful world through his songs, rummages thematically on various shelves and places special emphasis on the small print of the (food) packaging (s).
In his shopping cart there is a can of Knef, a pound each of Jürgens and Lindenberg, a high-proof Waits, a slice of Mey next to 156 grams of Newman, a tube of Lanegan and a Stiege Niedecken.
The sonorous bass voice and the sometimes filigree, sometimes striking piano melodies transform the supermarket flair into a warm-hearted corner shop where you still have time to talk about small and / or world-changing things. Karl Neukauf sets these observations to music in lively and thoughtful musical postcards, which tell stories lying on a white flokati carpet in front of a dark green plush sofa.

01 There before
02 Court Theater
03 18 windows
04 Crumbs & glue
05 Views from the balcony
06 What remains
07 Corduroy coat
08 Not strange
09 Best before
10 This song
11 cultural radio
12 Severin
13 eight inches of wall
14 After that

15 Go if you want to go
16 beet fields
17 The time
18  Crackle in between