Karo Fontana - Keine Botschaft (CD) (5871792259225)

Karo Fontana - No Message (CD)


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Without giving up the closeness to the listener, which was worked out at countless concerts, the album "Keine Message" recorded in the Hetzwerk Studio manages the balancing act between folk and pop. Driven and set on course by offbeat guitar, drums and bass, violin and trombone leave enough space for well-considered lyrics and – after all – message.
Pieces such as "Perfekte Welt", "Zeitreise" or the first single release "Paola" invite you to dance as well as sing, while "Benni und Claus" and "Fremde wasser" should not be without moments to pause and feel .

01. Together
02. Paola
03. Time travel
04. Fortress Europe
05. Benni & Claus
06. Perfect World
07. Cosmoculinarique
08. Bella Ciao
09. Foreign waters