Katharina Westerhorstmann - Du hast mich gesehen (CD) (5871744286873)

Katharina Westerhorstmann - You saw me (CD)


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Exactly one year after her debut album, Katharina Westerhorstmann is presenting her second album, "You've seen me". Her unmistakable voice authentically sings about the presence of God in the world and in life. This time they surprise with a full band line-up. The songs are still reservedly arranged in a singer-songwriter style. The album offers everything a worship heart desires, from rousing, catchy worship songs to quiet, touching ballads.

01 You saw me
02 Freed from all fears
03 I would like to be
04 come and rest
05 A poor man
06 Let me be a guardian
07 My soul, praise the Lord
08 I remember exactly
09 How beautiful it is
10 all for you
11 More than 1000 words
12 nigun
13 Bonus Track: All For You (Lounge Version)