Katharina Westerhorstmann - Wenn Deine Schönheit mein Herz berührt … (CD) (5871726657689)

Katharina Westerhorstmann - When your beauty touches my heart ... (CD)


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With this debut album, Katharina Westerhorstmann presents her own songs for the first time, which all have one thing in common: they are challenging, personal and unmistakably authentic.
A 12-string guitar, a warm, clear voice that touches and a careful arrangement - that's all it takes. Soothing melodies and strong lyrics open the heart and look beyond the horizon of everyday life. Life itself became a source of inspiration and music a mirror of inner experience. The result is a musical message from heart to heart. Quiet, reserved sounds and profound ballads of hope can be found on the album as well as Christian songs for carefree moments when heaven seems so close.

In short: music for the soul.

01 You are my happiness
02 You are loved by God
03 I thought I couldn't love
04 Because you are precious to me
05 Merciful Jesus
06 Merciful like you (when your beauty touches my heart)
07 Come Holy Spirit, fill us
08 Merciful Father, my God
09 Show me your face
10 We call (when evening falls)
11 only you
12 Mother Mary, you are with us
13 A Wonderful Day
14 Merciful Jesus (bonus track)