Kathrin Redlich - Soñar Y Nada Más (CD) (5871729606809)

Kathrin Redlich - Soñar Y Nada Más (CD)


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"Soñar y nada más - dreams and nothing more" is the new CD by Kathrin Redlich. Mostly arranged by the musician herself for the classical guitar, tangos, valses and milongas by traditional tango composers and by Astor Piazzolla can be heard. Rarely played original compositions by Argentinian guitarists Cacho Tirao and Abel Fleury are also included.
This CD should please lovers of the classical guitar as well as tangueras and tangueros.

01 El Chamuyo
02 Milonga de Buenos Aires
03 Invierno porteño
04 Libertango
05 Milongueo del ayer
06 Chamamé
07 triumvirate
08 El Pensiamento
09 A Flor de Llanto
10 romance del barrio
11 Adios Nonino
12 Contrabajeando
13 Garúa
14 Toda mi vida