Katia Guedes & Evelyn Ulex - The Brazilian Classical Song (CD) (5871736848537)

Katia Guedes & Evelyn Ulex - The Brazilian Classical Song (CD)


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The Brazilian soprano Katia Guedes is internationally recognized as one of the most distinguished singers in contemporary music theatre. She took part in numerous premieres and made guest appearances in Berlin, Hanover, Rome, Salzburg, Lucerne, Zurich, Madrid, Seville, Amsterdam, New York, São Paulo, Tokyo, in the Munich Biennale and at the Semperoper Dresden. She has also worked with numerous ensembles, including the Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, Mosaik, Modern Art Sextett, Resonanz, Courage, Nieuw Ensemble Amsterdam, Klangforum Wien, Staatsorchester São Paulo and the Berliner Symphoniker.
Katja Guedes and the Berlin pianist and "Steinway Artist" Evelyn Ulex, who lives in the USA, have decided to embark on a journey through 200 years of Brazilian songs and to present a cross-section of the history of this genre in "The Brazilian Classical Songs".
When you think of Brazil, you might think of hot carnival nights, soccer, beaches or caipirinha without realizing that the country's classical music can be just as fascinating. Its appeal lies in the combination of the European influence of the immigrating Portuguese and the rhythms and longing for home (Saudade) of the slaves they brought with them. The compiled CD program offers an interesting selection of baroque, classical, romantic, modern and contemporary songs.
Of the more than 150 songs composed by the Argentine composer Carlos Guastavino, some such as "Se equivocó la paloma" (1941) or "La Rosa y el Sauce" (1942) have become international favorites and are included in the album "Homage To Guastavino - The Schubert Of The Pampas” by Katia Guedes and Argentinian pianist Cecilia Pillado. Guastavino's music is appealing, refreshing and deliciously romantic. He is known for his melodic gift, which is why he has been called "The Schubert of the Pampas".

01 Aria II
02 Aria IV
03 Hei De Amar-Te Até Morrer
04 Bela Ninfa De Minh'alma
05 Cantigas
06 Trovas
07 Lundu Da Marquesa De Santos
08 Melody Sentimental
09 Lundu
10 Modinha
11 Acalanto Da Rosa
12 Ouve O Silêncio
13 Pregao Da Saudade
14 Em Algum Lugar