Katja Stuber & Boris Kusnezow - Lachen und Weinen (CD) (5871725510809)

Katja Stuber & Boris Kusnezow - Laughing and Crying (CD)


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Franz Schubert may have been aware of this when he composed the art song of the same name. And not just him, because hasn't this knowledge been passed through many centuries? And also in art, especially in music, one devoted oneself to this topic: The unfulfilled, rejected, disappointed and deeply injured love of a woman for a man. So the suffering woman represents the leitmotif of this CD, in which Katja Stuber and Boris Kusnezow have recorded a daring, almost provocative program in its compilation, which presents this leitmotif in Schubert, established and then in two other readings in Paul Hindemith and Kurt Because it varies.
Stuber and Kuznetsov took this programmatic risk because they can! On this CD they prove their unbelievable stylistic versatility and their broad repertoire, which they interpret completely convincingly. In doing so, they literally burn down the sometimes almost dogmatic performance practice and prove that stylistic boundaries are and should be fluid.

1 The distinction Op. 95 No.1
2 laughing and crying
3 First loss
4 The Echo
5 The men are méchant
6 romance
7 The Drunken Dancer
8 Like Saint Franciscus I float in the air
9 dream
10 My little ears are sitting on the stairs
11 I seem to have woken up before you
12 You make me sad - listen