Kaum Jemand - Genug saniert (CD) (5871813558425)

Hardly anyone - enough sanitized (CD)


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We invest, we back down, we work to earn money that we can then use to afford something fine at some point. We rehabilitate, we improve, we raise, contort ourselves to please, we become faster, bigger, more beautiful. This album invites you to reflect on slowness, mindfulness, tenderness, gratitude, love for yourself and, by necessity, love for others. Isn't it enough to be and to draw strength from within? Feeling, singing, listening, being there, feeling community. Encounters with people are like small miracles that move, shake and fascinate us. We carry looks, smells, words with us and onwards. What was shapes what will be. And sometimes it's just a receipt that revives magical moments.

1st picture of the day
2. Now is lived
3. Small and Loud and Free
4. Glass of mustard 5. Take a quick sniff
6. Plaques and Pills
7. Lateral entrants for being at home
8. Mince mixed
9. Eat yourself nicely
10. More than nobody
11. Below the surface
12. In a cottage by the North Sea
13. Emery paper pheasant