Kerle Fornia - Gefundenes Fressen (CD) (5871790456985)

Kerle Fornia - Found Food (CD)


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Crazy idea and beer mood. Two buddies are writing a record together. Guys Fornia. What is produced at the end is a colorful mix of piano and guitar sounds, carried by robust drums. In the center of the tracks are the German-language lyrics, which bring surprising images to your eyes.
The melodies get into your ears and legs and the lyrics burn into your brain. Live, it's hard to believe that this sound is delivered by just two players. As the album title already promises: A "found food" for music lovers who are still looking for these small, special concert moments.

01 How are you
02 All good
03 Hopeless
04 Never too late
05 Jaws
06 Madness
07 Someday home
08 1234 rest
09 One moment
10 parents now
11 The FC
12 video at the Pentagon
13 pictures of our time