ketelsen niklas rathke - Rockelbabys (CD) (6016110919833)

ketelsen niklas rathke - Rockelbabies (CD)


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The old rocker Manfred Rockel from Lingen asked the Leipzig music professor Ralf Schrabbe, who came from Lingen, whether he would not like to rearrange and record some of Rockel's numerous songs. Schrabbbe passed this task on to three of his music students. Over the course of a year, Johannes Niklas, Lilly Ketelsen and Mathis Rathke (with guests) produced the CD with mostly German lyrics: Rockelbabys.
The CD seems successful. Because some listeners who gave me advance editions showed very positive reactions:
“The songs have been arranged excellently, sometimes more rocky, jazzy or even reggae style. And what a great singer! A real treat for the ears.”
"It's remarkable how the young musicians manage this balancing act, converting the old moods of the texts to music in such a way that the listener hears interesting and modern musical settings, each song with its own musical and textual character, but then remembering a time long gone finds again."

01 Don't build your life on rock 'n' roll
02 I've wanted to go to Langeoog for a long time
03 Incorrectly connected
04 Rock'el Roll
05 You are also busy cheating on me
06 Sunset Of The Year
07 beings from another planet
08 Did I just dream?
09 All night tonight
10 meat scandal