Kevin Field - Soundtology (CD) (5871817818265)

Kevin Field - Soundtology (CD)


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"Soundtology" chronicles the harmonic and rhythmic evolution of pianist and composer Kevin Field in collaboration with some of contemporary jazz's most respected names. Recorded in Brooklyn, New York, it brings together two star ensemble quartets. The first shows Kevin with guitarist Mike Moreno, one of the leading modern jazz guitarists of the century and two of New York's most sought-after rhythm players: bassist Matt Penman, who is a well-known studio musician and has already worked on over 80 albums and drummer Nate Wood, who is particularly known for his Known for working with Grammy-nominated band Kneebody. In addition to Kevin, the ensemble of the second quartet includes guitarist Nir Felder - a unique voice in instrumental music. Kevin and Nir have played together in the studio and live - this close collaboration can be clearly heard on "Soundtology".
Also present is Charles Haynes, one of the most versatile drummers of his generation who has already been involved in productions by a wide variety of artists such as Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Marcus Miller and Jason Moran. Bassist Orlando le Fleming rounds things off, and his high level of competence in both electric and acoustic bass is undeniably evident on "Soundtology". Pianist Kevin Field acts as the musical leader with his unique approach to composition and improvisation. With his integrative concept, he ensures that both quartets interact excellently with each other. "Soundtology" is musical tension and relaxation that crosses different genres while being both stimulating and engaging, thus strengthening the relationship between performer and listener with the music.

1. Quintus Maximus
2. Good Friday
3.People Factory
4. Jigh Crane Drifters
5. Yes Man
6. Acme Music Corporation
7. Quran Quran
8. Rain check
9. Quid Pro Quo
10. Leper Dance
11. Good Friday Reprise