Kilkenny Band - Colours Of Scotland (CD) (5968416178329)

Kilkenny Band - Colors Of Scotland (CD)


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In their now thirteen-year band history, the Kilkenny Band has always called itself an "Irish Folk" band. However, over the years there have always been numerous Scottish classics in the repertoire, so that in 2020 the band felt it was long overdue to put together a themed album consisting exclusively of Scottish songs. In addition to traditional classics such as "Loch Lomond" or "The Skye Boat Song", which became famous above all through the trio "The Corries", the record also contains four cover songs by the Scottish cult band "Runrig". As always, the Kilkenny Band captivates with their three alternating lead singer voices.
Band founder Jascha Kemper sings the witty stories, Dennis Fehlauer causes goosebumps with his moving ballad voice and pure ecstasy in the Silly Wizard cover "Donald MacGillavry" and Julie Ann Cimino-Boyle once again presents the full range of her exceptional voice and lends some songs , which one knew from the past almost exclusively from male voices, new facets. Compared to the previous CDs by the Kilkenny Band, "Colours Of Scotland" is a bit more ballad-oriented, based on the annual church tour, but the fan does not have to go for the usual virtuoso solos on banjo and mandolin, which Stephan Niebler now also joins with on the accordion, waive. With a total of 16 tracks, the album offers a colorful bouquet of different Scottish sound worlds and brings the Highlands directly into your living room.

01 The Road To Erogie
02 The Cutter
03 Skye Boat Song
04 Loch Lomond
05 Song Of The Earth
06 Ready For The Storm
07 Donald MacGillavry
08 Lock The Door, Lariston
09 The Braes O'Killiecrankie
10Johnnie Cope
11 Come By The Hills
12 Glasgow reel
13 The Pound A Week Rise
14 Every River
15 What Wadna Fecht For Charlie
16 Hearts Of Olden Glory