Kilkenny Band - We’ll Find It Someday (CD) (5871723610265)

Kilkenny Band - We'll Find It Someday (CD)


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The Kilkenny Band is an Irish folk band from Bohmte and the surrounding area. With typical Irish instruments such as banjo, mandolin, guitar and tin whistle, the young musicians offer a program of mood songs about alcohol, expressive ballads and virtuoso instrumental pieces. The music was strongly influenced by The Blarney, Rapalje and of course the world-famous Dubliners. On this basis, a unique style has emerged that conveys the cheerfulness of Irish sounds in the best possible way. In the line-up that has existed since 2011, the band has now recorded 2 CDs ("No maid I've seen" (2013) and "We'll Find It Someday" (2015)).
Jascha Kemper (guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals) founded the Kilkenny Band in 2007. He has been a fan of the group The Blarney since he was two years old, with which he has also played since 2008. He started taking guitar lessons when he was six. So Jascha has been at home in this scene from an early age. Shawn Hellmann (banjo, mandolin, guitar, background rumble) is relatively new to the scene. He spent his youth playing heavy metal on the electric guitar. Motivated by the improvisational skills of musicians at the Venner Folk Festival, he finally bought a banjo. Since then, Shawn has regularly taught himself new instruments. Bianca Freitag (bodhran, tin whistle, accordion, vocals) and music student Christian Ventker (e-bass, vocals) complete the band and enrich it with their polyphonic vocal arrangements.

01 Karla With AK
02 Sally Maclennane
03 Big Strong Man
04 Holy Ground
05 I'll Tell Me Ma
06 Kid On The Mountain
07 Siuil A Ruin
08 Shipping Up To Boston
09 Leave Her, Johnny
10 Ride On
11 Musical Priest
12 The Rare Old Mountain Dew
13 Rondo Alla Turca
14 Fields Of Athenry
15 The Night That Paddy Murphy Died