Killing Age - Good Times (CD) (5871756804249)

Killing Age - Good Times (CD)


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Killing Age - These are modern thrash metal riffs, mixed with driving stoner grooves and a brute whiskey tube. Main influences are 90s thrash bands like Pantera and Machine Head, as well as sludge metal like Down or Crowbar.
The band has been touring tirelessly from one stage to the next since 2009 and has become a fixture in the German metal scene. Highlights were supporting Hellyeah and Ektomorf on their Black Flag Tour, as well as festival appearances at the Kaltenbach Open Air (Austria) and the Riverside Festival in Esslingen. A total of almost 150 concerts have been played in Germany and many other countries.
In 2017 Killing Age present themselves with a new cast. Jannik Seeg replaced Gregor Bös on drums, and Max Heimerdinger joined the band for Okay Kinavli on guitar. In addition, a second guitarist, Alex Wolf, was brought on board to give the Killing Age Dampfhammer even more power live.

01 Out Of This
02 Overcast
03 Be Aggressive
04 Busy
05 creep
06 Red Or Blue
07 Drunk tank
08 Plums
09 Let Me Live
10 The Blues