Kissin’ Black - Dresscode: Black (CD) (5906924699801)

Kissin' Black - Dress code: Black (CD)


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A concept that alternately shows different facets of the color black. The original compositions are characterized by their free spirit. The songwriting is more varied and mature, the lyrics have become more intense and profound. The band's greatest strength is their extremely elegant way of crossing genre boundaries as if they didn't even exist.
The authenticity is maintained at all times. "Dresscode: Black" will therefore find its followers among darkly romantic goths as well as metalheads, rockers and lovers of dark colored singer and songwriter sounds.
The convincing, self-confident songwriting is no coincidence: years of experience and hard work are behind it. Singer and band founder Giu Mastrogiacomo has been very active in the European goth rock and metal scene (then known as Aka Profound) since 1997 and has a great flair for dark and emotionally charged music and lyrics. The southern Italian skilfully uses his linguistic diversity. In addition to English, personal experiences are told in French and Italian. At the same time, Kissin' Black is a success story from the city of lights, which is based on many years of friendship. Guitarist and co-founder Andy Dormann is the extended musical arm of Mastrogiacomo and drummer Marcel Spiga has been with him for 20 years now.
Produced by G. Mastrogiacomo & Rob Viso in Lucerne (including Rival Kings and Philipp Fankhauser) and mastered by Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost) & Benjamin Lawrenz in Hamburg.

01 Chi dice che proto sfortuna?
02 Giants
03 Dark Again
04 gravemen
05 CSF tears
06 Flirt With Hope
07 Dress code: Black
08 Step Out Of My Dreams
09 Oh Girl French Girl
10 Jolie
11 riders
12 Address Unknown
13 The Visit
14 Unveiled: In The Rain