Kizzrock - Blablabla (CD)

Kizzrock - Blah Blah Blah (CD)


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Parents who are tired of classical children's music and are more into the rocking style can be happy: The children's rock'n'rollers from KIZZRock have a new album at the start! And once again they have succeeded on their fourth album in combining real rock, hard rock and heavy metal songs with child-friendly lyrics - this not only pleases the young clientele, but also the legal guardians. It doesn't matter whether it's completely specially created numbers like the title song "Blabblabla", "Gummy Bear Tree" or "Schoko-Schoko-La-La" or whether classic traditionals like "Hänsel und Gretel" or "Es tanzt ein... Butzemann", you'll always find them original and catchy texts and melodies a quick way to the ear. The fact that this dynamic band is no longer unknown is also shown by the collaborations with the greats of the past, such as B. with extra wide and the newly interpreted and adapted classic "Hurra, Hurra die Schule brennt". With kind permission, Rio Reiser's original NDW anthem "König von Deutschland" became the children's king. Get rid of boredom in the children's rooms and the pampers bombers on the streets - bring on the good mood that the KIZZ rockers spread almost uncontrollably, true to their battle cry: Rock 'n' Roll? Yes!

01 blah blah blah
02 gummy bear tree
03 Choco-Choco-La-La
04 Child King of Germany
05 marathons
06 Who's afraid of the big man
07 Cheese foot reloaded
08 Hooray, hooray, the school is on fire
09 It's dancing... (Butzemann)
10 Hansel and Gretel - Episode 2
11 Fischer's Fritzi
12 Da Hoam Boy
13 Bedtime Blues HD