Klangfahrer - Colors Of Trance (CD) (5871693693081)

Klangfahrer - Colors Of Trance (CD)


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Some time has passed since the release of the debut album Humanity. But the Klangfahrer continued to follow their path consistently during this time. His own style is unmistakable and yet more mature. The most important attributes are unchanged: shrill, lyrical, atmospheric and groovy. The four protagonists have undoubtedly found their world of sound!
A result of many years of intensive cooperation in the same line-up, a habit that is usually more likely to be found in the pop and rock scene. The sound drivers, however, can clearly be assigned to jazz, even if you look in vain for a swing cymbal or walking bass on Colors Of Trance
"Making complex rhythms and arrangements sound easy and understandable is a specialty of Klangfahrer," says Gerd Breuer, Klangfahrer drummer. In the course of his career he has played with many greats of the national and international jazz scene and is responsible for many compositions with the Klangfahrer.
The Klangfahrer have expanded the instrumentation for the musical implementation of the ideas.
In addition to various saxophones, Johannes Flamm now also uses a bass clarinet. Thomas Berndt occasionally uses the soft sound of a Fender Rhodes, various exotic percussion instruments can be heard while Bernd Kistemann prepares the warm, woody foundation of the sound spaces. The Klangfahrer invite you to a journey through their spheres filled with energy and surprising moments!

01 Rain Suite
02 A warm rain
03 Dusty Clouds
04 After The Rain
05 dialogue
06 Motion
07 Danger
08 floating area
09 New moments
10 Grace And Temptation
11 Secret Carriers