Kneeless Moose - Soultravel (CD) (5871679635609)

Kneeless Moose - Soul Travel (CD)


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It's hard to walk without knees, that's true. Apparently, making music is still possible. Kneeless Moose from Hanover use the great guitar era of the late 60s and 70s and combine it with elements of grunge and modern rock music. It's called alternative blues rock!
The band has the talent to win over non-genre ears through authentic live performances, passion and harmonious interplay. A screaming guitar, which likes to break out into ecstatic solos, is laid on top of the massively driving drums and the groovy bass.
That doesn't sound like three boys who have just turned 20 and who weren't even an embryo at the peak of the music that apparently shaped them so much. Singer Tom's unmistakably rocking voice sounds like whiskey and cigars, like Woodstock and colorful shirts and not like teen shit and autotune thunderstorms.

01 In The Rain
02 Learn To Be Bad
03 sorry
04 cry
05 Too Many Problems
06 Slow Jam
07 Moose Blues
08 Children
09 She Ain't
10 Kneeless Moose
11 Soul Travel
12 Yellow Elephant