Konrad K. - Einmal Punk und kein zurück (DVD) (5906926764185)

Konrad K. - Once Punk and No Back (DVD)


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On May 21, 2005 (one week after the long pigeon interview of May 14, 2005, which led to the DVD »25 years are enough«), Konrad K. and Susi Duhme were sitting in the Tauben's old rehearsal room in the Glocksee for an interview to record, which should show Konrad's life away from the deaf. A double DVD was planned with a second interview with Konrad's father, the cabaret artist Dietrich Kittner (recorded on May 10, 2005), entitled »The cabaret artist and the punk - two generations of Kittner in conversation with Susi Duhme«. should appear.
Unfortunately, the sound was not checked during the recording with Konrad, so it was not noticed that the audio plug was not properly seated in the camera. The result was a badly damaged tone in the interview. The idea was initially postponed and the interview with Dietrich Kittner was published under the title »Rage keeps you young«. 15 years later, the sound technology has made a giant step and we were able to restore the interview. The noise has been removed almost 100%. Enjoy the interview with Konrad K. and Susi Duhme (112 minutes). As a bonus, there is an interview by Susi Duhme with the crashing letter pigeons (20 minutes)