Konstantin Kenntner - Energie ist alles ist Energie (CD) (5871750119577)

Konstantin Kenntner - Energy is everything is energy (CD)


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His album of the same name captures the Stuttgart singer-songwriter's creative world of ideas in an amazingly authentic way. The likeable artist skilfully uses his own life experience to put energetic songs on paper; with an inspiring, calm manner. The 32-year-old Konstantin Kenntner has been showing great emotions on the Stuttgart stages for years. His ability to pack German pop songs with a loop station and his guitar into a well-rounded package is what makes the live performances so special. He started making music as a child with his favorite instrument, the guitar. Beyond all conventions, the album refreshes in an uninhibited way.

1st world
2. Flower Universe
3. Good time
4. Better two again
5. Thank you
6. Sun and rain