Krazy - Seifenblasenmaschine (CD) (5900570165401)

Krazy - Bubble Machine (CD)


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"Seifenbubblemaschine" is a Krazy album whose musical diversity is amazing. This in turn is also due to the clever and virtuoso arrangements by Danny Dziuk (...), which keep the two "signatures" in wonderful balance. "For nuts", for example, a very relaxed and tour experience-saturated after-show blues à la Billie Holiday with a speak-easy atmosphere, into which a baroque piano passage suddenly explodes - Bach on speed or something? - and provides a meaningful break, which also works out musically, amazingly. (...) Krazy cannot be reduced to a common denominator, but it will always remain Krazy, complex, totally free of clichés, absolutely independent, irritating, from velvety to open scratchiness. That's pretty awesome.

01 It's war
02 Heart is beating
03 So far
04 Gladly at your place
05 (For you) Waiting
06 side bubble machine
07 Just an idea
08 Eighty Eight
09 For nuts
10 way