Kruegers Randgruppe - Bonanza deluxe (CD) (5871802777753)

Krueger's Fringe - Bonanza deluxe (CD)


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"Bonanza deluxe" is the title of the new album by Krueger's fringe group from Osnabrück. However, the band doesn't sound fully 70's (when the bonanza bikes came to Europe!), 80's, 90's or 00's. Krueger's fringe group play 2019 pop music at its freshest. "Dancen" and "Sharp Shoes" open the varied work groovy and earthy. You immediately feel encouraged to rock along while listening. After that, “idleness” is described in all its facets in a relaxed and lightly swinging manner. The following songs serve the pop segment skilfully and with a high recognition value: "Die Internationale" (rockt!), "Schwankungen", "Mit ohne Plan" and "Manche Menschen" vary the tempo and convince with their catchy character. Humming, singing and swinging along are highly recommended!
With borrowings from the modern mixture of reggae and ska, the "Fahrradsong" then builds a bridge to the album title, before the melancholic popular register is pulled out again with "Baby Dein Haus". The uptempo feel-good song "Ab da Lack" heralds the finale of "Bonanza deluxe" and leaves us with the feeling after 10 songs: "Too bad, it's over already". Lyrically, Krueger's fringe group takes on the worries and hardships of everyday life, sings about relationships and wanderlust, dreams - and cycling in the city (Osnabrück). One notices Krueger's fringe group that the 5 guys are old hands in the business, who routinely set their songs to music with a lot of enthusiasm, passion and a wink. The sound, for which Matthias Lohmöller's DocMastudio in Osnabrück is responsible, is powerful and leaves nothing to be desired (audiophile). As the opening song says: to "dance" you need ground under your feet. And music. “Bonanza deluxe” provides us with the perfect soundtrack

1. Dancing
2. Sharp shoes
3. idleness
4. The International
5. Fluctuations
6. With no plan
7. Some people
8. Bike Song
9. Baby your house
10. From there paint