Kruegers Randgruppe - Der Will No (CD) (5871687139481)

Krueger's Fringe - Der Will No (CD)


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A statement from the bygone days of punk? Far from it, the request is more relevant than ever! Environmental protection, globalization, togetherness, from the local to the big picture, these are central themes of the creative work of "Krueger's fringe group".
The Osnabrück band has been playing German pop punk, folk, hip hop, reggae and ska since 2005. But the ironic, quietly critical German lyrics don't just tell serious stories. For example, even shopping in a hardware store is a pleasure, the sense of a cardboard sausage is questioned, or one's own music is described as "Grenzki Beat". Listening carefully, also between the lines, is worthwhile in any case.

01 minutes
02 fringe group malfunction
03 Wake me up
04 Rasta plaster
05 Ham Wa Da
06 Poisoned
07 Pale around the nose
08 Grenzki Beat
09 50 in the 5th
10 donkey time
11 The Leudde