Krysztof Daletski - Wo kann die Nachtigall noch singen? (CD) (5871735767193)

Krysztof Daletski - Where else can the nightingale sing? (CD)


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Poetry is actually not really my thing, but unfortunately the times are such that it has to be. And since "Father Franz" left us, I can no longer say: "Let someone else do it". This is how these songs came about, which sing beautifully and pointedly about the unpleasantness of our time. The booklet gives extensive background information and the second voice sung by my daughter makes the songs even more haunting.

01 Where else can the nightingale sing
02 Far country
03 No-Fly Zone
04 Dark clouds are moving in again
05O Sapientia
06 An industry representative promotes CETA and TTIP
07 De Avaritia
08 Circulus terroris
09 Beware of the peaceful
10 The Sleepwalkers 2014
11 "Quality Reporting" or "When the Russian Provokes"
12 Clouds Again Are Drawing Nearer