Kuchenclub - Nach einer wahren Geschichte (CD) (5871731081369)

Cake Club - Based on a True Story (CD)


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Cake club is plain punk rock in troubled times. Cake Club is the punch with velvet gloves. Cake club is optimism while sinking!
Since 2012, Cake Club see themselves as storytellers and companions. They deliver German lyrics on rhythm-oriented guitars and accentuated vocals. Electrically amplified or in acoustic guise, the three friends celebrate every performance as if it were the last.
The fact that telling stories with loud punk music is one of the main concerns of the cake club can also be heard on the album "after a true story", released in 2015/2016. The 13-track LP was produced by Martin Buchwalter in the Gernhart Studio in Troisdorf, who has also been the godfather to many well-known names in the rock/metal sector

01 Welcome to the club
02 Watches for you, time for us
03 The stranger's dress
04 Saarland
05 Among friends
06 Farewell
07 Listen to your heart
08 That night
09 Everything breaks
10 moments
11 love of music
12 What is missing
13 To us!