Kulikumba - Der Clown (Maxi Single CD) (5871697395865)

Kulikumba - The Clown (Maxi Single CD)


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Kulikumba, a new group in the music world. Who is behind the name remains a secret. Kulikumba is a ghost group, like Klaatu in 1975. Even then there were no photos and no details. Kulikumba wants to remain unrecognized and still convince with sophisticated and above all critical texts. The music speaks for itself. It will not be easy to reach a broad audience, because the music is unconventional and not subject to the mainstream. An insider tip for enthusiasts. Here you really have to listen, Kulikumba doesn't offer music to sprinkle. But it's worth listening. In Message for the Soul, the group sometimes takes you away from reality into unattainable spheres. Then again, the past teaches us about the future. German rock as a challenge for the listeners. Just Kulikumba!

01 The Clown (Version 2)
02 Goodbye dear world (Rock Version)
03 White and white
04 Your Life (Version 2)
05 White and white(s) [jazz version]
06 Atlantis (Version 2)
07 Memory (Piano Version)