Kyles Tolone - Of Lovers & Ghosts (CD) (5871755198617)

Kyles Tolone - Of Lovers & Ghosts (CD)


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He was an artist of life. Immigrant. A city nomad. Or, as Eric Pulverich puts it with a smile: "A pretty disheveled, drug-ridden slob." But: One with a good heart. His name? kyle This Kyle guided Eric, who was then touring Australia at the age of 19, through Sydney's nightlife. A wild, unpredictable trip. Kyle knew everyone and nobody; was right in the middle of the action and at the same time a lonely figure. "Kyle is together alone" went through Eric's mind. When the singer and guitarist founded the nucleus of a band with Johann Giertz (bass) at university in 2011 and later completed it with Daniel Mau (guitar and synths) and Jan Fischer (drums), he called it after the short form of this sentence: Kyles Tolone.

01 World Outside
02 Black Hole
03 Aftermath
04 Kryptonite
05 Revive
06 Seasons
07 She Got Away
08 Losing Time
09 Grace
10 Hopeless One
11 color blind
12 Ghosts
13 A Wonderful Place