Ladwig - Good Days (CD) (5871673082009)

Ladwig – Good Days (CD)


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"Those who covert leave no traces". That's why Peter Ladwig decided to rekindle his talent as a songwriter. The Hanoverian band LADWIG shows that in times of high-tech, computer-based pop music, there is still honest, hand-made rock music with a lot of emotions, which is precisely why it is a successful mix of buttery ballads and loud hard rock songs, and a thrilling excursion into the musical world of the classic rock music guaranteed.

01 Good Days
02 Love Running
03 Strong
04 Dancing Offbeat
05 Try It Out
06 As long as I love you
07 My Heart
08 I Still Believe in You
09 Do What You Like
10 My Life
11 No More Fever
12 A Girl Like a Trigger