Lady Jane - Live (CD) (5871764865177)

Lady Jane - Live (CD)


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Guitarist Gaby Neitzel looked in her archive and found these rare live recordings of the formation lady jane for the fans, which Gaby and Ossy Pfeiffer have restored using the most modern technical means. The recordings were made on March 31, 1999 in Nuremberg im Hirsch, which was the end of the Switzerland-Germany tour in 1999.
The CD is an audio testimony of the time and a great memory. Yellow Snake Records are happy to be able to present these recordings to the fans for the first time.

01 All My Friends
02 Lady
03 Here I Am
04 time
05 Medley I
06 Energy (drum solo)
07 I Need You
08 Out Of The Rain
09 daytime
10 Give Me Your Feeling
11 Medley II