Lalü - Der erste Streich (CD) (5871794815129)

Lalü - The First Prank (CD)


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After becoming a father to a son in August 2013, I got involved with children's songs and was looking for songs that both children and adults would enjoy listening to. The search inspired me so much that I started composing children's songs myself. I deliberately avoided keyboards and synthesizers in the composition and production and used guitar, bouzouki, mandolin and double bass as well as percussion, drums and accordion. Through my son's kindergarten, I gradually found suitable singers with whom I first recorded the first three songs. For the recording of the other songs, two girls from Berlin and Hamburg traveled to Koblenz to join the older siblings of the kindergarten children. Working with the children was exciting, fun and sometimes exhausting.
The time in the recording studio was time-consuming and great fun for the young singers. The songs pick up on topics that concern the children. It is important for every child to find a “place” in the world. With “questions upon questions” they often present us parents with almost impossible tasks. “Nothing stays the same” is something children should learn early on in order to prepare early on for the only constant in their lives, change. And finally also that nightmares are not that bad and the next morning everything is fine again. The homage to the parents "Oh Mama" and all the other songs touch the heart and appeal to small and big children alike. Or is there a child who doesn't like chocolate?

01 It keeps turning
02 Your place
03 chocolate
04 Small dinghy
05 questions
06 Oh Mom
07 Nothing stays the same
08 dreams at night
09 Sun, mountains, sand and sea
10 Every day
11 Hejo, put on your boots
12 Now it's off to bed