LaminiusX - One Man Show (CD) (5906917621913)

LaminiusX - One Man Show (CD)


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Even if they called their current album "One Man Show": solo entertainers definitely sound different. faders complacent. Boring. catchier. LaminiusX, on the other hand, let sound waves pound against eardrums right away in the trio, which forcefully pave their way the first time you hear it, only to fan out in a multifaceted way the second, third, fourth time: English, French, German lyrics - properly shaken and stirred - can be found in tracks like "Shadow & Conscience” together as a matter of course and are only too happy to be carried forward by crashing guitar riffs and pounding drumlines.
If then, as in "Einer von Euch", trumpet solos sneak out from behind the choruses, the confusion is pleasantly perfect. That's how it should be, even if the bourgeois middle class will object to the interplay of text and music. Because in doing so, Nesko, Timmi and Stephan cross borders that others try to mark out for the sake of simplicity. Melodically and dynamically, LaminiusX tear down walls and thus enable an unclouded, open view of what is behind them.
Going new ways: It's exhausting, often uncomfortable, not always nice; but the three manage to break away from the usual comfort trap with their very own stylistic drive and to verbosely name deficits that others have long since capitulated to: "The masses show you the way / And it's easier if you go with them .” They are right, and for the maggot middle: it always takes more than four letters to speak the truth.

01 Intro [From "One Man Show"]
02 Empty world
03 Shadow et conscience
04 Nothing is important
05 Swear on the Bible
06 Overstocking
07 Somebody's lying
08 tonight
09 number 3
10 Civilization = sterilization
11 daltonies
12 Fear of the white man
13 One of you
14 One man show