Larún - When The City Sleeps (CD) (5871808807065)

Larún - When The City Sleeps (CD)


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The debut of the group LARÚN caused great excitement in the Irish folk scene at home and abroad. No wonder, since the band kept their foundation a big secret until the release of the first video production in January 2018. Within a few days, the elaborately produced music videos broke the ten thousand mark. This response may not come as a surprise if you take a closer look at the top-class cast of the ensemble. The band may currently be considered the most exciting newcomer band of the year by the specialist press, but the individual musicians can already show an impressive portfolio. They come from ensembles like Trasnú, Emerald, Dán, Crosswind or Texu, which may explain the media attention.
LARÚN is also one of the most international bands on the scene to have taken the stage in recent years; and what could unite us more strongly in times of increasingly dense global networks than a shared passion - in this case the love for a multicolored traditional music of Ireland. At LARÚN there are six musicians from four different nations on stage - France, Spain, Germany and the USA. LARÚN not only plays Irish music, LARÚN lives Irish music! And so most of the band members have also dedicated themselves professionally to this music and are in demand as lecturers, as well as stage and studio musicians at home and abroad. What a pleasure to listen to this band. Technical perfection in this form has seldom met musical understanding and gripping rhythms in this country. The sextet demonstrates virtuosity on fiddle, flute, uilleann pipes, bodhrán, piano and guitar. LARÚN is absolutely suitable for festivals and pulls the audience to their feet from the first note - energetic, passionate, fast-paced and danceable, without ever seeming rushed. The team of six is ​​complemented by a multi-faceted singing that casts a spell over the listener.
LARÚN creates a shimmering world full of rhythms, harmonies and sound poems. A firework of Irish sounds that has a great future ahead of it.

01 Tom Paine's Bones
02 No Spuds
03 The Stranmillis Fox
04 Willies
05 Keep Hauling
06 The Polar Bear
07 Aurora