Lausch - Canada is falling (CD) (5871675310233)

Lausch - Canada is falling (CD)


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Just in time for the (post-)apocalypse, LAUSCH from Austria have captured the engaging energy of their music on an album for the third time and proclaim the end of the island of the blessed. And as with so many things, you only recognize the full extent of their work if you listen carefully and several times.
It is enraptured, almost meditative, when the three gentlemen mercilessly drive a song along, each new part hammers more intensely than the previous one, many a thunderstorm dissolves beautifully in magnificent chords, which are accompanied by the epic singing of a well-oiled voice, the soul are able to convey completely new emotions.
Away from the beaten track, this apparently steam-powered conglomerate of pounding grooves, mangy basses and crispy guitars unfolds its absolutely unique (original) flavor in the form of rough beauty.

01 Canada is falling
02 Endgame
03 counting
04 candidates
05 Candyman
07 Wonderland
08 Safe in the rain
09 Hate