Lautmaler - Hinter den Fassaden (CD) (5871711846553)

Onomatopoeia - Behind the facades (CD)


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The irrepressible wanderlust of the Berlin band Lautmaler, consisting of Miriam Bohse, Manfred Gruber, Olaf Garbow and Arne Assmann, is also reflected in their music. In the German-language songs from their own pen, everyday worlds are combined with world music, castles in the air are built, but the sleet shower is also conjured up as a climate rebel. The music travels with the listener to Serbia via Israel and leads back to one's own balcony, where one learns to dream again. This multifaceted and varied music as well as the extraordinary variety of instruments are the ticket to an exciting journey around the world, which has already taken the onomatopoeia to the Chanson Festival in Berlin, the Jazz Festival on Hiddensee, the Folklorum and the Carnival of Cultures. "...the onomatopoeia serve several tastes on one CD and build bridges to different musical preferences."

01 Soul Shadow
02 The horror story of the sleet shower
03 solar phenomena
04 Journey to the East
05 Ma Navu
06 Happiness on special offer
07 Ajde Jano
08 The tower clock
09 Let it rain a little
10 gears