Leonhard Baumert - Abschied (CD) (5871809921177)

Leonhard Baumert - Farewell (CD)


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With his ten emotionally sensitive piano pieces, the pianist and composer Leonhard Baumert wants to convey comfort and hope, especially to listeners who have lost a loved one. In 2016 the parents of the pianist and composer Leonhard Baumert died. With his ten piano compositions he has musically processed the great loss of his beloved parents and dedicates his new piano album "Abschied" to his mother Mathilde Baumert and his father to the writer, television and film dramatist Walter Baumert.

01 melancholy
02 melancholy
03 reminder
04 hope
05 zest for life
06 parental love
07 warmth of heart
08 Security
09 infinity
10 farewell