Leonhard Baumert - Sehnsucht (2CD) (6145667301529)

Leonhard Baumert - Longing (2CD)


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The Berlin pianist and composer Leonhard Baumert composed the 15 imaginative piano pieces for his new piano album "Sehnsucht" in 2020, the year when so many people around the world had to suffer from the terrible virus pandemic.
As with his previous published piano albums, the piano virtuoso Leonhard Baumert also dispenses with any digital post-processing on his current piano album in order to offer his listeners an unadulterated musical experience as in his countless successful live performances.

01 longing
02 desire
03 tenderness
04 Cheerfulness
05 Confidence
06 melancholy
07 Euphoria
08 Encounter

01 Together
02 trust
03 happiness
04 Plaintive
05 doubts
06 Hopeful
07 Conclusion