Leonhard Baumert - Weihnachtsmelodien (CD) (5871758770329)

Leonhard Baumert - Christmas Melodies (CD)


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Christmas – festival of love, reflection, the joy of children.
With his new piano album "Christmas Melodies", the pianist and composer Leonhard Baumert wishes you a harmonious and peaceful Christmas season.

01 Snow No. 1 is falling softly
02 Three hazelnuts for Cinderella
03 O Christmas tree No. 1
04 Every year again
05 Children's joys
06 Winter Wonderland
07 Heidschi, Bumbeidschi
08 Lili Marleen
09 Snow No. 2 is falling softly
10 Festive Sounds
11 O Christmas Tree No. 2
12 Sweeter the bells never ring
13 Rudolf, The Red-Nosed Reindeer
14 Little Snow Maiden, Little White Skirt
15 homecoming
16 Silent Night, Holy Night (Echo)