Leonhard Baumert - Zauberhafte Melodien (CD) (5871758639257)

Leonhard Baumert - Enchanting Melodies (CD)


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The successful pianist from Berlin has a large repertoire of immortal titles from classical and modern light music, which is sensitively supplemented by his own atmospheric new creations. In his instrumental album "Jazz & Pop", the composer Leonhard Baumert once again provides impressive testimony to the diversity of his musical creativity. His virtuoso skills as a pianist stand him in good stead in achieving the emotional impact of his jazz and pop titles. Leonhard Baumert's expressive stylistic devices seem particularly well suited to giving the word and image design in the area of ​​audiovisual media a moving musical background.

01 Three minute medley
02 Concierto De Aranjuez
03 dew drops
04 Thoughts on E. Grieg
05 Ballad for Kati
06 Prelude
07 Green sleeves
08 Back then
09 summer day
10 The Godfather
11 start
12 winter night
13 In a cool reason
14 be a clown
15 improvisation in the hotel