Level π  - Elektronische Philosophie (CD) (5915513946265)

Level Pi - Electronic Philosophy (CD)


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Since 2006 Uwe Cremer, who was born in Cologne, has been releasing his krautrock, art and space rock-inspired sound sculptures under the name Level π, which he perceives as musical narratives.
In the stories of his fifth album "Electronic Philosophy", Cremer takes the listener on a wide variety of journeys: with the TEE through the night, on a long journey through the depths of space, through the brain convolutions of Don Quijote or through time. On the way you take an acoustic break, philosophize according to the Berlin School, or you chill at home. Hypnotic sequences, analogue or electronic rhythms, Cremer's soulful guitar and a wide variety of electronic sounds and effects form the common thread that runs through the album and from which its instrumental stories are spun. Moog sounds, string synthesizers, organ and mellotron show again and again where Cremer's musical heart beats. In the spirit of a modern version of krautrock, he experiments with loops and trip hop beats and fuses them with elements of classic EM. He skilfully combines sequences in the style of the Berlin school with rock influences or writes dreamy atmospheres with synthesizers and guitars that reverberate, which then turn into passages driven by breakbeats. Dramatically imaginatively staged and dynamically varied, the pieces stimulate the imagination and gently guide the listener into Cremer's visually stunning musical cosmos.

01 night drive
02 The long journey
03 Interlude
04 Electronic philosophy
05 Don Quixote's brain
06 At home
07 Through the decades