LIA - Timelapse (CD) (5871819718809)

LIA - Timelapse (CD)


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LIA's stage performance is unabashed and refreshingly direct. For the last four years she has proven her dynamic strength and a fine sense for words with every solo performance. With her debut album "Timelapse" she wants to capture her career so far and capture this mood. Completely unadulterated and without frills. Their music cannot simply be pigeonholed. Some of their tracks shine with a rhythmic rock attitude that makes you want to keep your feet still and others with a cautious melancholy that invites the audience to close their eyes. In any case, LIA has something to tell with her lyrics and is far-sighted, profound and extremely honest with every word.

01 Self Made Calamity
02 Down High St
03 Prayer
04 when you go
05 Tom's song
06 you
07 happy birthday song
08 Tigers Can't Lie
09 Lullaby
10 Robinson
11 Gotta Keep On Smiling