Linus Cuno - The Art Of Life (CD) (5871827222681)

Linus Cuno - The Art Of Life (CD)


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After a long search for meaning and two aborted courses, it was the turbulent and eventful year 2017 that Linus Cuno finally asked the inevitable and yet long suppressed question: Where do you want to go in your life? It was time to face his fears. Time to give the music that has been bubbling within him for a long time a chance. And how this music bubbled: Inspired by the big questions of life on the one hand and musical greats like Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Queen or Elton John on the other hand, the artist wrote over 20 songs within a few months that had apparently been waiting for this moment for a long time.
After his R 'n B see you soon and trap-inspired single "What is it with Love" was released in March 2019, Linus Cuno is now releasing his debut album "The Art of Life". The album moves musically in the area of ​​soul/pop, but also shows influences from R'n'B, rock and gospel. There is no monotony with Linus Cuno: danceable upbeat numbers as well as melancholic ballads can be found on “The Art of Life”. "The Art of Life" is Linus Cuno's program: in addition to composing and writing the lyrics of his songs, the native of Upper Franconia devotes himself to painting. The artist creates both album artwork and music videos himself.

01 Water Under The Bridge
02 Shine Sister
03 Weir Do We Go From Here?
04 queens
05 Sing On
06 My Girl Is A Painter
07 Bad Days Good Life
08 Shades Of Blue
09 Why Do I Feel So Sad?
10 Pray (Me Where It Begins)
11 Masters Of Arts