Loosefit - Alles außer Frühling (CD) (5871790096537)

Loosefit - Everything But Spring (CD)


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14 new songs of inner greatness with extreme ease. Songwriting that builds on the best chanson tradition, skilfully playing with influences from other genres such as jazz, classical music, pop and folk songs. The pianist's sophisticated arrangements fit snugly like well-fitting jeans – simply loose fit.
When Caspar's deep voice mixes with Karolin's angelic singing, the whole range of deep feelings opens up. On the new disc, instrumentally, the usual and brilliant piano is joined by well-dosed other things such as drums, clarinet and low brass.
While the first CD was already full to the brim with original and catchy numbers that breathe the lifestyle of the big city and reflect the spirit of the times..., the duo has grown again with the second CD. LOOSEFIT presents: Own songs with catchy tunes!
(Quotes: WDR editor Michael Lohse)

01 Autumn - like a storm
02 The real beauty
03 potential
04 If I ask you
05 Berlina Jeschichte
06 Summer - outdoor hustle and bustle
07 melancholy