Los Elegantos - Swing Modern (CD) (5871731867801)

Los Elegantos - Swing Modern (CD)


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The popular swing band with singer Wilma Pilz, guitarist Hansi Reinhardt, bassist Willem Tönsing and accordionist Thorsten Stracke has dedicated itself to cultivated light music and plays a successful mixture of jazz standards, swing and evergreens - exclusively on acoustic instruments and in a contemporary interpretation. The charming singer and her musicians enrich their consistently catchy repertoire with wit and speed, always in contact with their audience. On their current CD "Swing modern", the combo helps well-known jazz chansons by Hildegard Knef, Caterina Valente, Marlene Dietrich, but also Louis Primo and Charles Trenet to breathe fresh air: uptempo versions with virtuoso solos let the classics shine in a new light. The exquisite production will please even the most discerning of ears, the album is also available as a Hi Res Audio version.

01 I knew that straight away
02 Bel Ami
03 I don't know who I belong to
04 gigolo
05 If I could have a wish
06 What remains of us
07 It's supposed to rain red roses for me
08 illusions
09 whoopie
10 Gisela
11 Tonight of all days
12 It was always so nice with you
13 We'll see each other then