Loth Milz - Schön für dich wenn’s stimmt (CD) (5871732818073)

Loth Milz - nice for you if it's true (CD)


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From the broad German music scene, an outstanding new project is now smiling at us: Loth Milz has completed his album "Schön für Dich, if it's true" after his single "You're still alive or you're already using the Siezt". Incidentally, Loth Milz is made up of the first four letters of his first name and his mother's maiden name.
Lyrics and music have one thing in common: a moody groove mixed with thoughtful lines that make you wink. Nine unique songs were created. The clear messages show that behind supposedly fine facades, not everything is "in the Loth" after all. Self-deception and cover-up appear daily - Loth Milz lets us take part in his revealingly whimsical journey of discovery.

01 Prelude
02 Are you still alive or are you already being addressed
03 What is going on here
04 I'm A Celebrity
05 Damboe
06 Tingling in the stomach
07 A false friend
08 Nice for you if that's true
09 A good time
10 Johnny Take care