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Loudstark - The One (CD)


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Melodic, loud and sometimes very quiet. Time to celebrate, moments to think. And always clear, rocking and melodic. That's how our album "Das Eine" is. From a musical cast and yet diverse like the stories it tells. Thoughts - taken from real life - that won't let you go.
Five of the nine songs deal with the most problematic side of human relationships. A sudden end to love (“Scream”), obsessive desire (“Desire for power”), psychological problems as a touchstone (“Schatten”, “Herz aus Stein”) or the prime example of an unpleasant colleague (“Das Eine”) are leitmotifs the songs.
The energetic music with heavy guitar riffs and orchestral breadth supports the clear, powerful vocals. The piano ballad “The Best Friends” emphasizes the depth of the father-son relationship – and not just musically. But life doesn't just consist of reflections and so Loudstark invites his listeners to celebrate and sing along ("Let it rip", "At the same time").
Loudstark was founded in 2013 by Marc (vocals), Axel (keyboards) and Jannik (drums) as a 6-piece band. Melodic power rock with clear words was the goal. In 2015 Eddie took over the guitar and in 2017 Mirco took over the bass. On their way so far, the five from Kiel have earned a loyal fan base and shared the stage with bands such as Eisbrecher, JBO, Subway to Sally, In Extremo and Hämatom.

01 intro
02 scream
03 shadow
04 Desire for power
05 Let it rip
06 Heart of stone
07 Pretty best friends
08 All or nothing
09 The One
10 at the same time