Loudstark - s/t (CD) (5871699853465)

Loudstrong - s/t (CD)


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Loudstark, a German-speaking rock band founded in 2013, which values ​​clear words combined with catchy melodies. These are supported by hard guitars, a voluminous piano sound combined with a strong bass and drum beat.
On the debut album of the same name, the six musicians placed great value on driving rhythms as well as melodic, gently carrying sounds.
Whether at big festivals or in small clubs, where they play, they let it rip and hammer their sliding chords through the speakers so intensively that the crowd definitely sings and dances along.
Within this short band history, the six have developed a remarkably growing fan base.
Simply loud, louder, Loudstrong!

01 dreams of the past
02 This night
03 day in day out
04 suffering
05 Together
06 Good time
07 finally get up
08 Harder than pain
09 Our day
10 We are Loudstrong