Luah - Sunlit (CD) (5871790325913)

Luah - Sunlit (CD)


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The band Luah consists of three filigree musicians who create something completely new with their arrangements and unusual instrumentation. The compositions combine jazz, folk and pop elements and use English and Portuguese. The three women go in search of new and different shades of color and lead the audience into the most diverse worlds. Again and again, the three voices intertwine into a unique color fabric and, in combination with a jazzy guitar sound, lead to an expressive and unconventional sound. The band was particularly inspired by female singers such as Joni Mitchell and Becca Stevens.

01 Sunlit
02 My Garden
03 Light In The Night
04 Doce Come Mel
05 hours
06 Follow Your Line
07 Waves Of Imagination
08 Sparkling Water
09 hand to hand
10 Beijaflor