Luca - Tiefseetaucher (CD) (5948064399513)

Luca - Deep Sea Diver (CD)


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Where melancholic singer-songwriter songs meet energetic pop, where dreamy melodies mix with wild emotions, where English and German rhymes shake hands and open up a world together - there lives Luca, a freedom-loving young musician, always on the Search for new experiences and the quiet or loud moments that touch the heart.
Accompanied by Heinz Rebellius (strings) and Hendrik Hahler (percussion), the Osnabrück-born musician is now presenting her second album "Tiefseetaucher". It includes 16 new songs, from melancholic to happy, quiet to loud, refreshingly honest and headstrong. There are stories of little monsters, wild monkeys, astronauts, clumsy elephants - and stories of love.

01 deep sea diver
02 Pirates
03 Stop being so cool
04 Am I still yours
05 Monkeys
06 Sometimes
07 Half of my heart
08 wild love
09 Carry me tonight
10 I know
11 I can't hold this
12 When my elephant dances
13 hurricanes
14 How I hold you
15 All my monsters
16 The last of all songs