Lucas Laufen - Goodbye (CD) (5871757459609)

Lucas Laufen - Goodbye (CD)


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A new beginning always means a farewell. Be it about your own way of life, your homeland or the people who love you. One usually leaves a place with mixed feelings because it has become a part of us. When such a phase of life comes to an end, you also leave a piece of yourself behind and follow the call for change towards a future that, like so many other things, is uncertain.
The Australian singer-songwriter Lucas Laufen set off for Berlin in early 2016 to achieve what he lives for: making music. Growing up on the outskirts of Port Lincoln, it pulled Enter the world of music at an early age. His first piano lessons began at the age of eight, he learned to play the trumpet at the age of ten, until he discovered the acoustic guitar at the age of 17 and began to write his own songs. After school started Laufen studied medicine, which, however, was replaced by an apprenticeship as an audio engineer shortly after it began. What followed was a good, but also very tiring time. The 55-hour weeks almost never allowed me to work on my own music. And so the thought of self-actualization began to grow.
The EP "Goodbye" deals with the feelings and thoughts of that time of upheaval. Laufen recorded the entire record on his own in Port Lincoln, just before acting on his wanderlust. Even if the EP is coherent and works as a whole, each song has its own character and its own theme. "Halogen" is based on the desire not to spend one's life sitting in an office while cold halogen lamps illuminate the room. Instead chooses Run the adventure and the risk. In its essence, “Boulders” can be described as a thank you to all the people who Support running in the time of upheaval. The humility inherent in the song is the result of a broken partnership before starting over. While the oldest song on the EP "Dead Days" deals with the doubts and fears of the future, "Goodbye" finally puts in the last piece of the puzzle, the Laufen confirmed his decision. An important chapter ends and a new one takes its place.
Laufen 's EP is personally deeply rooted and still offers room for your own interpretation. We live in fast-moving times and the power of change is strong. Anyone who surrenders to it and dares to venture into the unknown can achieve great things. Lucas Laufen , who has played almost 40 concerts since arriving in Germany and built up a strong fan base, makes a great first impression on European soil with "Goodbye". At the same time, the EP lays the foundation for the dream, for the gave up his old life. The recordings for Lucas Laufen's first full-length album is already in full swing.

01 Halogen
02 Boulders
03 Dead Days
04 Goodbye