Lunaves - Sakin (CD) (5871818375321)

Lunaves - Sakin (CD)


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After a joint living room jam session in the east of Stuttgart, one thing was clear for singer and ney player Iter Ünal and pianist Fabian Meyer, namely to make music together. Fabian invites Ilter to a concert of his long-standing Fabian Meyer Trio with Sebastian Schuster (bass, state jazz prize winner Baden-Württemberg 2017) and Felix Schrack (drums) to sing along to a few songs.
Inspired by this meeting, the two then write many new songs in a short time. Without fear of contact, they use a wide variety of genres such as jazz, alternative rock, pop, electronic and traditional Turkish music. Iter writes the texts in English and Turkish, his mother tongue. A few months later the four musicians go into the studio to record and produce the debut album Sakin.
Lunaves - a band with a very unique sound between melancholy and energy, moon and earth - is born.

01 0707
02 Aves
03 First Wing
04 Saydam Gemiler
05 Deep
06 Dommon Read
07 Nick Vibe
08 Belonger
09 Luna
10 Sakin